Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Prayer adapted from an Indonesian creed.

 Thanks to CORD. I like the final verse the best.

I believe in God, who is love and who has given the earth to all people.
I believe in Jesus Chris who came to heal us, and free us from all forms of oppression.
I believe in the Spirit of God, who works in and through all who are turned towards the truth.

I do not believe in the right of the strongest, nor the force of arms, nor the power of oppression.
I do not believe in racisim, in the power that comes from wealth and privilege, or in any established order that enslaves.
I do not believe that war and hunger are inevitable and peace unattainable.

I believe in human rights, in solidarity of all people, in the power of non violence.
I believe that all men and women are equally human, that order based on violence and injustice is not order.
I believe in beauty of simplicity, in love with open hands, in peace on earth.
I dare to believe in God's promises.

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