Thursday, September 27, 2007

To poll or not to poll, that is the question

In all the feverish speculation amongst the tiny minority known as the 'political classes' about whether Gordon Brown will call a general election one thing seems to have been forgotten.

Do we, the public, really want a general election?

Unless I've missed something there has been no loud street protests demanding the chance to vote, no people queuing outside polling stations desperate for their chance to put a cross in a box. Any groundswell of popular support for a general election must be smaller than a beginner's mole hill.

We're just over two years into a five year parliamentary term and the public seem perfectly happy with the job Gordon is doing. Why would us hard working families want to bother going out on a rainy November evening just to massage Gordon's ego?

Come back and ask us in another year or two and then, sure, we'll come and join in and put a cross in a box, but don't play silly political games now just to get another couple of years in power.

And just a warning... if Gordon does go to the Queen in a week or two's time the Great British Public, not being particularly keen in being dragged into political shennanigans, might not play their part as the Labour party would wish.