Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ten things I would never do

I’ve been tagged to complete this blogging meme by Paul Burgin:

10. Become an accountant

9. Say that football was a better game than cricket

8. Leave my wife

7. Give up in a game of monopoly

6. Eat a tarantula

5. Wax my legs

4. Go into space

3. Stop reading

2. Say that I was 100% right

1. Complete any Top 10 blogging memes (hang on… oops)


  1. With regards to No 7, have you played Jonathan Bartley style? ;)
    I have, it not only works, but really annoys the most machavellian player!

  2. I'm not allowed to play Monopoly with normal people any more. Apparently I have a competitive streak which manifests itself as pure cruelty in certain circumstances.....

  3. I've never played Jonathan Bartley style, but I do like his example - it's in the 'subversive manifesto' isn't it? If I remember rightly his argument is that some Christians read 'being in the world but not of it' as an excuse to avoid politics entirely, because Christians are 'not of this world'. But Bartley argues that it's better interpreted as 'in the system, but not of the system'. Therefore we should be in the system, but challenge parts of the system that we don't agree with and play by different rules. Therefore his monopoly example. Great example - would drive me crazy if he actually did it in a game of monopoly. Does that mean I am the most machavellian player?!

    Louise: I'm not banned from playing, although a group of my friends from uni have never played since we were all super-competitive and there was bad feeling for about a week. Like you I apparently have an unexpected ruthless streak which comes out in monopoly, but then why play the game if you're not going to play properly?